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Frank N. Meyer Images

The Frank N. Meyer Collection

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Meyer Certificate

meyer certificate

This certificate identifies Meyer as an agricultural explorer of the United States Department of Agriculture who was visiting Manchuria and other parts of China for "the purpose of Aiding in Agricultural Development, especially along the line of Pomology." It is likely that Meyer carried this certificate with him and used it to introduce himself and his research to people he encountered in China.

Frank N. Meyer collection, National Agricultural Library.
Meyer Lemon

meyer lemon

Meyer was responsible for over 2,500 plant introductions, including the Meyer Lemon shown here.

Meyer Lemon. Watercolor by Royal G. Steadman, 1926. USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection, National Agricultural Library.
Meyer and Fairchild

meyer and fairchild

Frank Meyer (right) converses with renowned plant explorer Dr. David Fairchild. At the young age of 22, Fairchild helped to create the USDA's Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction where he served as chairman from 1904-28. Throughout Meyer's travels, Fairchild was a guiding force, providing insight and support through his letters.

Frank N. Meyer collection, National Agricultural Library.
Plant Exploration Photograph Collection

While on plant expeditions in Asia from 1910 to 1911, Meyer took photographs of expedition activities. Shown here are the original negatives and captions from the Plant Exploration Collection housed in Special Collections.

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