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Andrew Christie Papers: American Poultry Historical Society Papers

Chicken picture Introduction

This collection of correspondence, newspaper clippings and photographs details the efforts of Andrew Christie to help make a success of the 7th World's Poultry Congress, held in Cleveland, Ohio in 1939.

Christie, from Kingston, New Hampshire, was one of the earliest United States poultry breeders to recognize the need to breed poultry specifically for their meat-producing characteristics. He led the industry in developing his strain of New Hampshire Red chickens as a major supplier of the female side of the cross of different strains or breeds of poultry to produce a superior meat-type chicken.



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7th World's Poultry Congress, Cleveland Ohio, 1939.

Pre-Congress Planning-correspondence (Industry Leaders and Trade Associations), 1938.

Final Congress Planning- correspondence, 1939.

State Poultry Industries, Tours and Exhibitions at the Congress, 1939.

Industry Executive Committee: Consumer Education Correspondence by Planning Committee, 1939-40.