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Loyal F. Payne Collection: American Poultry Historical Society Papers

 Loyal F. Payne Collection: American Poultry Historical Society Papers Introduction

This collection contains a variety of material relating to the history and development of the poultry industry in the United States from the early 1800s through the 1950s. Included is a copy of a manuscript by George F. Carter, "Pre-Columbian Chickens in America" (1968); a list of early poultrymen in the U.S. between 1890-1925; and other papers and publications which describe important events that helped shape the poultry industry in the United States. Catalogues, brochures, and production records of three early poultry breeding companies - DeKalb Agricultural Association of DeKalb, IL, Hy-Line Poultry Farms and Ames In-Cross, both of Des Moines, Iowa - describe increased egg production of chickens between 1942-1966. The collection also contains the tables of contents of the Reliable Poultry Journal (1905-1930); programs from various state and national poultry meetings during the 1920s and 1930s; and records of the Poultry and Egg National Board (1940-1959). Loyal F. Payne worked at Kansas State University in Manhatten, Kansas.

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Container List

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First 125 years of American Poultry Industry, 1829-1951.
List of early poultrymen, 1890-1925.
History of chickens in America, 1492?.
Regulations of Philadelphia International Egg Laying Contest, 1911.
Early photos of poultry and equipment.
Manuscript on history and development of Poultry Departments in Universities in the United States -- by W.D. Termohlen, 1953.
Letters from H.D. Goodale and J.G. Halpin regarding early poultry breeding work, 1957.
Tables of Content of Reliable Poultry Journal, 1905-30.
News clippings on poultry, 1898-1904.
Ribbon from Missouri Egg Show, 1917.
Brochure on Agriculture Hall of Fame, 1959.
Seymour Packing Company History, 1957.
Poultry Tribune covers showing pictures of Chickens, 1921-31.
Poultry Judging Team Winners, 1920-56.
Highlights of Egg Industry, 1900-59.
"The Battle of Trenton" case involving government seizure of frozen eggs and a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, 1914.
Chicken of Tomorrow Contest in Kansas, 1946-51.

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Presidents Addresses, Poultry Science Assn. Annual Meetings, 1926-69.
Poultry Science Programs, 1927-54.
Poultry Meeting Programs, East and Midwest, 1931-42.
Poultry Science History, 1927.
Minutes of Poultry Science Meeting, 1931.
Proc. Of 21st Meeting of Poultry Science, 1929.
Poultry Science History, 50 Years, 1958.
Programs of American Association of Instructors and Investigators in Poultry Husbandry, 1913,15,18 and 25.
By-laws of AAIIPH, 1912.
Reports of the Poultry Institute of Canada, 1905-09.

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Poultry and Egg National Board (PENB). Photos, and promotional material, 1940-59.
Manuscripts of 2 talks given by H.M. Williams, President of American Poultry Industries, 1959.
Miscellaneous bulletins from Great Britain, Holland, New Zealand, Ireland, Turkey and the US, 1952-62.

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History of chicks and products. DeKalb Agricultural Association, 1942-56.
Hy-Line History and Products, 1950-66.
Ames In-Cross, 1948-59.