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National Turkey Federation (NTF) Records: American Poultry Historical Society Papers

National Turkey Federation (NTF) Records: American Poultry Historical Society Papers Introduction

Extensive files from the National Turkey Federation and its advertising agency Evans Advertising Agency, Salt Lake City, Utah containing documents on history and objectives of the NTF, photographs of the early officers, Board of Directors and various committee members, as well as statistics (1945-81) on number of turkeys raised, consumption patterns, cold storage holdings, etc. Incomplete files of general correspondence (1945-83) and promotional budgets (1971-72) document decisions which were made to help reach the goals of the promotion effort are a part of the collection. Complete reports of marketing research projects (1947-82) on different methods of preparation of turkey products and the developed recipes for the use of school lunch programs, restaurants, institutions and households, provided the basic material used in the promotions. A major portion of the collection contains copies of hundreds of 8x10 in. color photos and transparencies, along with suggested texts describing recipes and uses of the products shown, which were sent to newspapers and magazine food editors. Several hundred clippings (1970-72) shows the extent of these photos and texts were used. Uncounted hundreds of color photographs, 2x2 slides, reels of audio tapes, VHF and Beta video tapes, and film strips contain public service educational materials on methods of cooking turkey products and documenting promotional efforts to increase turkey meat consumption.

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