Oscar August Hanke Papers: American Poultry Historical Society Papers

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Papers relating to the work Mr. Hanke did with the Watt Publishing Company (1926-1967) of Mount Morris, Illinois. Historical materials related to research conducted for the publication of American Poultry History, 1823-1973, which Hanke edited. Included are papers that describe the early development of artificial incubation, with extensive handwritten notes; correspondence between some of the early leaders in the poultry industry, including J.G. Halpin; and a small collection of folklore and superstitions relating to poultry. Materials relating to poultry breeding programs carried out by commercial breeders (1937-1964), and nearly fifty years of miscellaneous material (1926-1971), including papers relating to Hanke's induction into the American Poultry Historical Society's Poultry Hall of Fame in 1971.

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American Farm Bureau Federation, 1964.
American Poultry and Hatchery Federation, 1916-66.
American Poultry Historical Society, 1952-61.
Artificial Incubation, 1930.
Historical Information relating to Hatcheries, Poultry Shows, Early Incubators, and Poultry Superstitions, 1951-71.
International Baby Chick Association, 1939.
Poultry Breeding, 1937-64.

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Poultry and Egg National Board, 1964-66.
United Egg Producers, 1969.
U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1935-70.
Miscellaneous, 1926-71.