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Rare Book Collection

Blue Heron

Special Collections has a rare book collection strong in botany, natural history, zoology, and entomology. There are published writings of many great herbalists of the sixteenth century such as Brunfels, Bock, and Fuchs, as well as renowned works on flowers and fruits from both the 18th and 19th centuries.

Other unique items include primary source literature documenting agricultural observations, experiments, and practices in America, England, and Western Continental Europe. In addition to important travel accounts by early naturalists, there is an extensive collection of early plant descriptions and original works by the eminent botanist Carl Linnaeus.

Many of the rare books in this collection can be found in NAL's catalog, AGRICOLA. Other rare books can be located by e-mailing Special Collections.

Click here to view images from this collection.

Carl von Linné Materials at the National Agricultural Library

View Special Collections holdings by and about Carl von Linné as well as images from these rare books and links to related web sites.

Robert Leslie Usinger Collection on Carolus Linnaeus

View the list of titles included in the Robert Usinger Collection on Carolus Linnaeus housed in Special Collections. These volumes were collected by Robert Leslie Usinger (1912-1968), one of the world's most outstanding entomologists and expert on the ecology of insects.