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Humphry Marshall Papers, USDA History Collection

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Papers of Humphry Marshall (1722-1801), fromSeries X, Historical Manuscripts. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Marshall was a botanist and plant dealer from Bradford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Included with images of the manuscript material are scans of pages from Marshall's Arbustum Americanum and William Darlington's Memorials of John Bartram and Humphry Marshall. The pages from Darlington's book provide transcriptions for some of Marshall's letters.

Arbustum Americanum title page
Arbustum Americanum dedication

Title page and dedication for Humphry Marshall's Arbustum Americanum: The American Grove, 1785.

Memorials title page
Humphry Marshall's residence

Title page for William Darlington's double biography Memorials of John Bartram and Humphry Marshall, 1849; and an illustration of Humphry Marshall's home in Bradford Township, Pennsylvania.

To ease browsing the Marshall thumbnails are grouped on several separate pages. The remaining images are arranged alphabetically by correspondent with the broadside at the end, as follows:

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