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The USDA History Collection Image Gallery

This page contains links to selected photographs, drawings, maps and other graphic images from the collection. There are links to some of these pictures in other parts of the finding aid, but this page provides comprehensive access to the graphic materials that we are able to make available on-line.

The images are presented in jpeg or gif formats which show the basic informational content, with many significant features of the originals. However, they do not provide the same level of detail that is available in higher resolution scans, and are not intended to substitute for the experience of viewing the actual documents.

Note that all photographs are now stored in Series VII, but many of them were originally found among materials in the Documentary Files, the Class File and other series. The citations given with the images indicate both the current and original locations.

Unless otherwise noted, all images and documents on this Web site have been produced by U. S. Goverment employees or agencies and are in the public domain. These images and documents have been made available for research, teaching, scholarship and private study. Copies may be made (by printing or downloading) for these "Fair Use" purposes only, without prior permission, so long as proper attribution of the source is made on all copies. For any publication, broadcast, commercial, or other use, permission must be sought from Special Collections, National Agricultural Library.

Links to the Images

The following links will take you to a page displaying thumbnail-size versions of the images. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images with descriptive text.

  • From Series I, Documentary Files.
  • Maps of camps and homes for agricultural workers, from a Farm Security Administration report in Series I.1.
  • Agricultural librarians--photographs from the Documentary Files, Series I.1.
  • Photographs and other images from Series I.1 and I.2.

    From Series II, Class File.
  • A selection of photographs originally found in the Class File, Series II.

    From Series XI, Personal Papers.
  • Photographs found in an annual report on Extension Service work in the South in 1910.
  • A selection of covers and illustrations of books found in various subseries of personal papers.
  • Photographs documenting Wayne Rasmussen's visit to Tehran, Iran, in 1976.

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