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References for Charles F. Brannan

Charles F. Brannan References Outside the USDA History Collection

Charles F. BrannanAdditional references and resources about Charles F. Brannan are listed below. These materials are not included in the USDA History Collection. Materials found at the National Agricultural Library may be accessed through the Document Delivery Services Branch. This list also refers to other resources outside the Library, including the World Wide Web.

References Page


Materials in the National Agricultural Library


Printed Matter

American Forum of the Air. "How Can We Get a Stable Economy?" Transcript. Washington, D.C.: Ransdell, 1949.
NAL call number: 280.12 Am32

Brannan, Charles Franklin. Addresses, Statements, etc. 3 vols. Typescripts. [Washington, D.C.]: June 2, 1948-1951.
NAL call number: A31.3 B75

United States, Department of Agriculture. Missouri River Basin Agricultural Program: A Program Recommended by Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Brannan for the Development and Conservation of Land, Water, and Forest Resources, and for Flood Control in the Missouri River Basin. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1949.
NAL call number: aS441 A15 1949

United States, Department of Agriculture, Office of the Secretary. Missouri River Basin Agricultural Program: Letter Transmitting a Report Entitled "Missouri River Basin Agricultural Program." Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1949.
NAL call number: 1 Ag86Mis


Manuscript Materials in Other Repositories

George Howard Wilson Collection at the Carl Albert Congressional Archives, University of Oklahoma, description of collection:
Carl Albert Center
University of Oklahoma
630 Parrington Oval, Room 101
Norman, OK 73019-0375
(405) 325-6372

The following collections are reported in the National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections and other sources to have materials relating to Charles F. Brannan, but finding aids and references are not available on-line. Links here connect to the institution's home page.

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