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Series X, USDA History Collection

USDA History Collection
Series X. Historical Manuscripts, 1785-1922. 3 cubic ft. (approx.) [ca. 100 items]

SCOPE AND CONTENT NOTES: Collections "Pennsylvania" through "USDA"

To: Collections "Ballard"--"Hollister" | "Hoxie"--"Loomis" | "Marshall"
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The collection descriptions are arranged alphabetically by title, as follows:

Pennsylvania "Marketing" scrapbook, 1919-1921. 1 vol.

Scrapbook of clippings, mostly from newspapers in Pennsylvania, with a few from Ohio, concerning the marketing of agricultural products, particularly apples and potatoes. Many of the clippings concern reports and activities of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Markets, as well as the Bureau of Markets of the United States Department of Agriculture. Box 10/9.

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Sinclair, John, Sir. Letter, 1800. 1 item

[Sir] John Sinclair to __________, London, 8 December 1800. Found among the Thomas Jefferson material in the Class File (Series II). Letter makes reference to an unfulfilled request for specimens of limestone from the North of Scotland. Letter makes no reference to Jefferson by name. Box 10/4, folder 33.

Tomato Canning Club scrapbook, ca. 1910-1915. 1 vol.

Scrapbook of clippings about Tomato Canning Club activities, principally in the Southeastern United States. Most date from 1913-1915 and are arranged by state. The names Prof. O. B. Martin and Miss Mary E. Creswell appear on the spine of the scrapbook. Very fragile. Box 10/7.

An 11 x 14 inch photograph of Seaman A. Knapp was found in the scrapbook and is stored separately. Box 10/6, folder 4.

USDA, Bureau of Plant Industry. Work records, 1907. 2 items

Two bundles of daily time sheets labeled "USDA; BPI Farm Management Investigations." Records track a variety of activities such as plowing and hoeing, expenses and wages, hours worked (including man hours and horse hours), and notations about the weather. Appear to have been torn from a pad. There are record sheets from January to December 1907 signed by Gilbert Thibodeaux; and records from May to December 1907 signed by W. L. Williamson. Box 10/3.

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